It’s time to get up

Wellness is not just a popular word thrown around on social media. No, wellness comes from God. To be well is to see the goodness of God in the land of the living. Your measure of wellness brings God glory.

I don’t know what you’re batting today or what sickness has found itself attached to you, I want you to know that God wants to make you well. It does the kingdom of God no good to be sick. It brings God no joy to see you sick. When Jesus went about healing the sick during His earthy ministry, His healing was completely restorative. And His healing ministry didn’t just end when He ascended to heaven. It’s still here.

Those who were not in their right mind. Those addicted to substances. Those riddled with fear and anxiety. Jesus came to heal them all and He is still healing them today for those who have the faith to believe.

Somewhere along the line, we detached ourselves from the healing work of Christ. I’m reminded when Jesus asked the paralyzed man if he wanted to be made whole. The man dodged the question and instead ranted about why he couldn’t get well. What Jesus told him in response was mind blowing. He told the man to get up.

There comes a time in our lives when we just got to GET UP. No matter how valid the points or the obstacles before us, talking about it isn’t not going to get us any closer to our goal.

“Yeah, I keep wanting to read my bible and spend time with God, but the demands of my life keep me from doing so.”

“Well, I’d love to have the time to start exercising and eating better, but my finances keep me from doing so.”

There is no perfect circumstance or perfect world where everything aligns and the timing is just right. It requires sacrifice. It requires getting uncomfortable.

So, the question is:

Are you getting up?

The woman with the issue of blood got up. She left her home and she headed straight into a crowd in search for a piece of Jesus’ clothes. “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace. Your suffering is over” Mark 5:34 NLT

I pray we have faith like the woman with the bleeding problem, because although she could have made a long list of legitimate reasons why she couldn’t be well, she believed and put her faith to the test. And because of that, her life was CHANGED.

May you live in the wellness that God desires for you today: Spiritually, mentally, and physically. I’m rooting for you.

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