About Me

Hey Beautiful!

I’m Brianna and I am so excited you’re here.

I’m going to be really real with you.


Going though molestation, pornography addiction, social anxiety, and family problems really took a toll on me in my youth. I didn’t think God could do anything with me, let alone wanted to. Reaching my mid 20s, I knew God had more for me and more for the women around me.

My life completely changed in the past few years. After I had my son in 2018, post-partum hit me so hard I lost a big piece myself. I knew I wanted more, I craved more time, freedom, abundance, and purpose. I needed to find myself again and get back to me as a mom.

Little did I know, a fitness challenge attached to a golden business opportunity, would give me everything I was looking for & a whole lot more. God used it to grow my resilience and help me further step into the woman He destined me to be.

Baby number two comes and God calls us to relocate our family. I knew it was time for me to give my coaching business my all and trust God that He would lead me to the right women in the process.

Fast forward to today, I’m a college graduate and mama who empowers other women by encouraging them through faith, mindset, fitness, and even business mentoring. I help women just like you unapologetically claim their power while elevating their faith, confidence, and lifestyle!

If you’re still reading this, it’s your season. Don’t ignore it girl! It’s time to step into your worth & demand more from your life. I can’t wait to grow & GLOW with you.

Brianna Yates