Total-Solution Packs

Get everything you need to make a total lifestyle change. From nutrition and exercise to support and accountability, I’ve got you covered.

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = SUCCESS

What’s in the Total-Solution Pack?

Our best-selling Shakeology Total-Solution Packs include:

🔹 Shakeology – our delicious, daily superfood nutrition shake

🔹 Annual BOD subscription – access to 1,500+ workouts and mindful meditations

🔹 Access to TWO comprehensive nutrition programs that work

🔹 First 30 days of Nutrition+, which includes access to BODi BETA

🔹 Support from your Coach and accountability group in BODgroups

🔹 No-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee

You’re getting an incredible discount on bundled products, but also a proven method to help you reach and maintain their health goals.

Does this really work?

Results from our programs

“My abs are much more defined, my butt is more lifted, and my core is so much stronger, my arms, my everything!” – Tanika W. (Top right)

This solution is a proven method that works. Coupled with coaching, you’re destined to feel and see your own results if you’re willing to try. It’s not just about gaining results, it’s about building better habits for life. Fitness is for everyone; all shades, all shapes, all sizes.

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